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Basic characteristics
Jul 14, 2016

The polarity of the basic characteristics of solar cells solar cells, solar cell performance parameters, solar battery voltage-current characteristic of the three basic characteristics. Details are as follows

1, the polarity of solar cells

Silicon solar cells made from P+/N or N+/P structure structure, P+ and N+, said solar cells positive light type of conductive layer of semiconductor material; N and p type solar cell substrate electrical conductivity of semiconductor material on the back. Electrical properties and manufacture of solar cells is characteristic of semiconductor materials.

2, solar cell performance

Performance parameters for solar cells by the open circuit voltage and short circuit current, maximum power output, the fill factor, efficiency and so on. Signs of these parameters is a measure of solar cell performance.

3 solar cell current-voltage characteristics

Contains a p-n junction solar cells formed in the surface of shallow p-n junction, a strip and fingered positively ohmic contact, one covers the entire dorsal surface of the back of ohmic contacts and a layer of anti-reflective coating on the front. When the batteries when exposed to sunlight, energy less than the Photonic band gap Eg the battery output has no contributions. Is greater than the band gap energy Eg Eg photon will only contribute to the output of energy, is less than Eg energy will be consumed in the form of heat. Therefore, in the design and manufacturing process of solar cells, must take into account the effect of partial heat stability, service life of the battery.

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