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Battery history
Jul 14, 2016

Battery in 1859 by French Plante (Plante) inventions, has been more than 100 years of history. After spontaneous out of lead-acid batteries, has an absolute advantage in the power. This is because of their low prices, raw materials are easy to access and use of sufficient reliability, suitable for large current discharge and a wide range of ambient temperature and so on.

Plante (G.Plante) Yu 1859 invention lead acid battery, has experience has near 150 years of development course, lead acid battery in theory research aspects, in products type and the varieties, and products electrical performance, aspects are get has great of progress, regardless of is in traffic, and communications, and power, and military also is in navigation, and aviation all economic field, lead acid battery are up to has not missing of important role.

To the beginning of 20th century, lead-acid batteries have a number of significant improvements, improved energy density, cycle life and high rate discharge performance. However, the open lead-acid battery has two main disadvantages: ① late charging water into hydrogen and oxygen gas precipitation, often sour, add water, heavy maintenance work; II gas overflows when acid mist corrosion around the equipment and polluting the environment, limit the application of battery. Nearly 20 years to solve these two problems, sealed lead-acid battery compete to develop all over the world, want to implement the battery sealed, access to clean and green energy.

1912 published ThomasEdison patents, presented in the upper space of the cell using a Platinum wire, electric current passes through it, Platinum is heated, provide a catalyst for hydrogen, oxygen, makes precipitation of H2 and O2 combine again, returned in the electrolyte. But the patent failed to come true: ① catalyst quickly; II gas was not precipitated by the number 1 stoichiometric hydrogen 2 oxygen, batteries still have gas ③ there is danger of explosion.