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Current situation of China
Jul 14, 2016

China attaches great importance to solar research and development work, as early as during 75, amorphous silicon semiconductor research work has been included in major national issues; between 85 and 95, China focuses on research and development of large-area solar cell, and so on. In October 2003, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology to develop the next 5 years solar energy development plan, national development and Reform Commission "bright project" will raise 10 billion yuan to boost solar power generation technology applications, by 2015 the national total installed capacity of 300 megawatts of solar power systems. China has become the world's largest PV products manufacturing country, China will soon introduce a new energy revitalization plan, China PV power installed capacity planning for 2020 to 20GW, is the renewable energy sources in the medium-and long-term planning of 1.8GW more than 10 times.

In 2002, the relevant ministries of the State launched the "Western provinces without electrical power plan", through solar panels and small wind power solve the power problem of seven provinces in the West Village without electricity. This project greatly stimulate the solar power industry, China built a few solar cells encapsulation line, so that the annual production capacity of solar cells is increasing rapidly. According to experts ' forecast, China PV market demand for 5MW,2001~2010 years per year, annual demand of up to 10MW, starting from 2011, China's PV market demand will more than 20MW.

In 2009, according to the letter's report noted that polysilicon production capacity surplus, actually is not recognized in the industry, science and Technology Ministry has indicated that excess polysilicon capacity did not.