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Development policy
Jul 14, 2016

Industry and information Department, environmental protection Department and other five ministries jointly issued the Declaration on the promotion of lead-acid batteries and regenerative lead industry development of the opinion (hereinafter referred to as the views). Goals by 2015, scrap lead-acid battery recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of 90% per cent, lead recycling more than 50% to promote national lead recycling system.

According to understand, views increased has eliminated behind capacity of efforts and the on technology development of support, requirements immediately eliminated opening type General lead acid battery production capacity, and Yu 2015 end of Qian eliminated not through environmental protection verification, and not meet access conditions of behind production capacity; strengthening double polar sealed battery, and Super battery, and bubble graphite battery, new lead acid battery of technology development, promotion winding type, and colloidal electrolytic quality lead acid battery technology Speeding up harmless regeneration of spent lead-acid batteries scale key technical equipment, development and application.

For enterprise environments, the opinion calls for lead-acid batteries and secondary lead enterprises to improve the lead smoke, lead dust, mist and the wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and ensure stable operation and discharge facilities; to lead online monitoring facilities step by step installation and networked with the local environmental protection Department, day-to-day monitoring of the monthly report. Strict enforcement of solid waste storage and disposal and hazardous waste manifest system, containing lead waste, sludge and other dangerous wastes should be required to entrust a qualified unit for safe disposal. The opinion states that, will be developed in the future management of recycling of spent lead-acid batteries, to further the implementation of extended producer responsibility systems.