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Development prospects
Jul 14, 2016

Application of solar cells from entering military areas, aerospace industry, Commerce, agriculture, communications, home appliances and utilities sectors, especially scattered in remote areas, Islands, mountains, desert and rural uses, to save cost very expensive transmission lines. However, at this stage, its high cost, issued a 1kW electric to invest tens of thousands of dollars, so mass is still subject to economic constraints.

On the market mainly silicon as the raw material in the production of photovoltaic cells. Due to the large single crystal silicon solar cell manufacturing energy consumption, some experts believe that an existing single crystal silicon solar cell manufacturing energy consumption than its lifetime to capture solar energy, is of no value. Best guess is around 10 years time, use monocrystalline silicon cell solar energy can be obtained by more than its production consumes less energy. Single crystal silicon is quartz sand has been restored, melted crystals get. Energy consumption of production processes, produce toxic substances, environmental pollution is serious. Abroad have transferred it to China. Silicon and monocrystalline silicon production line on all over the country.

However, we do not grasp this PV production technology. Mono-crystalline photovoltaic cells production technology is mature, yet growing, other kinds of photovoltaic technology is constantly emerging. Photovoltaic cells cost and conversion efficiency from the real market there is still a big gap, photovoltaic cell market mainly by Governments subsidies. European market-photovoltaic power generation subsidy of up to 1 million. In future, to make photovoltaic cells used, must continue to improve solar cell efficiency and production cost, in the process, production technology and products are constantly upgrading. The replacement cycle is short, only 3-5. Photovoltaic production enterprises investing in large, long payback periods, due to the faster technology updates, the domestic enterprises, if not mastery of technology, updated technology, will soon be eliminated, may not be able to recoup their investment.

However, from a long-term perspective, with solar cell manufacturing technology improvements and the invention of new light-electricity conversion device, States in the protection of the environment and the high demand for renewable clean energy, solar cells will still be using solar radiation practical way, using solar energy on a large scale open up broad prospects for the future of mankind.