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Industry status
Jul 14, 2016

Solar main is to semiconductor material for based, its work principle is using photoelectric material absorption light Hou occurred photoelectric Yu conversion reaction, according to by with material of different, solar can is divided into: 1, and silicon solar; 2, and to inorganic salts as arsenic of gallium III-V compounds, and sulfide CD, and Copper Indium se, multiple compounds for material of battery; 3, and function polymer material preparation of solar; 4, and Nano Crystal solar,.

Application status

According to Dataquest's statistics, a total of 136 countries around the world into the popularization and application of solar boom, 95 of which are research and development of solar cells on a large scale, actively producing all kinds of energy-saving products. In 1998, the worldwide production of solar cells, the total power generation capacity of 1000 MW 1999 2850 megawatts. According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association's EPIA2008 prediction, if calculated according to the 2007 global installed capacity of 2.4GW, 2010 global annual installed capacity will reach 6.9GW,2020 and 2030 respectively 56GW and 281GW,2010 global cumulative installed capacity of 25.4GW, is expected by 2020 278GW,2030 1864GW. Global solar cell production to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 47% rapid, production in 2008 to 6.9GW.