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Introduction to the development
Jul 14, 2016

As natural gas, coal, oil and other fossil energy frequently nervous energy when becoming the bottleneck of international social and economic development, more and more countries start to implement "Project Sunshine", development of solar energy resources, seek new impetus to economic development. Some of Europe's high levels of nuclear research institutes are also turning to renewable energy. Great potential in the international PV market, driven by solar cell manufacturing countries scramble to invest heavily to expand production, striving for a place.

1994-2004 global solar industry 10 years increased by 17 times, solar cell production are mainly located in Japan, Europe and the United States. 2006 global solar cell installed has reached 1744MW in 2005, representing a growth of 19%, the whole market has exceeded US $ 10 billion mark. 2007 global solar cell production reached 3436MW in 2006, representing a growth of 56%.

China solar cell research started in 1958, in the late 1980 of the 20th century, the country has introduced a number of solar cell production line, China solar cell production capacity from 3 small plants hundreds of kW up to 4 plants of 4.5MW, this production has continued in 2002, yield only 2MW. After 2002, the European market, especially the Germany market sharply magnified and Suntech Power Co turned and the extraordinary development of PV industry in China has brought unprecedented opportunities for development and demonstration effect.