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Lead-acid batteries
Jul 14, 2016

Definition: is mainly made from lead and its oxides, a battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. English: Lead-acid battery. Under discharge conditions, mainly composed of lead dioxide positive electrode, anode mainly composed of lead charging condition, the main component of positive and negative are lead sulfate. Divided into exhaust-type maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and battery.

Battery consists of tubular positive plate, negative plates, electrolyte, separators, battery case and battery cover cover, pole, injection and so on. Vented battery electrode is formed by lead and lead oxide electrolyte aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Main advantages of voltage stability, cheap; drawback is the low energy (batteries store electrical energy per kg), frequent short service life and maintenance. Old ordinary battery life of about 2 years, but also to periodically check the electrolyte level and add distilled water. However, with the development of science and technology, longer service life and maintenance of lead-acid battery is more simple.

Most obvious characteristic is its lead-acid batteries unscrew the plastic cap on the top, there are ventilation holes. Cover the injection was used to raise water, check the electrolyte and gas emissions. According to the theory, lead-acid batteries need to be checked at each maintenance of the electrolyte density and liquid level, if there is a lack of necessary add distilled water. But with the upgraded battery manufacturing technology and development for lead-acid battery maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and gel maintenance-free batteries, lead-acid batteries with no need to add electrolyte or distilled water. Is the use of cathode produced oxygen at the cathode to execute to the oxygen cycle, prevents moisture reduction. Lead-acid batteries are used in tractors, tricycles, motor starting, maintenance-free lead-acid battery a wide range of applications, including uninterruptible power supplies, electric power, electric bicycle batteries. Lead-acid battery based on application needs into constant-current discharge (such as UPS) and instantaneous discharge (such as motor vehicle starter batteries).