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Solar cell
Jul 14, 2016

Solar cells are also known as "solar cells" or "cells", is a use of optoelectronic semiconductor slice of sunlight directly into electricity. As long as it meets certain conditions of illumination light, moments can occur circuits at the output voltage and current. In physics called photovoltaic (Photovoltaic,photo light and voltaics volts, abbreviated as PV), referred to as PV.

Solar cells are photovoltaic or photochemical effect devices directly convert light energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic thin-film solar cells for the mainstream of the work and to photochemical effects the implementation of solar cells is still in its infancy stage.

Data show 2012 China solar cell continued production and price/performance advantages, increasingly enhanced international competitiveness. Production continued to increase, expected in 2012, solar cell capacity to more than 40GW, production will exceed 24GW will occupy half the world.

With the development of solar cell industry, competition within the industry are also rising, merger integration and capital operation of large solar enterprises is becoming more frequent, excellent solar cell manufacturers in China more and more attention to market research, in particular further research on industrial development environment and product purchasers. Because of this, a large number of excellent brand of solar cells rapidly, becoming leader in the solar industry.

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