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Solar works
Jul 14, 2016

Solar illumination on semiconductor p-n junction, forming a new hole-Electron pairs, built in the p-n junction under the action of electric field, photo-hole flow p, photo-electronic flow n, close the circuit when current is produced. This is the working principle of photovoltaic solar cells.

Solar power in two ways, one is light-heat-electricity conversion mode, the other is the photo-electric direct conversion.

Light-heat-electricity conversion

-Thermo-electric conversion through the use of solar thermal power generation, the heat energy is absorbed by the solar collectors will be converted to the refrigerant vapor, then drives a steam turbine to generate electricity. One is light-heat conversion; the latter process is heat-electricity conversion process, as with normal thermal power. Disadvantages of solar thermal power generation is inefficient and costly, estimated the investment at least 5~10 times more expensive than ordinary thermal power station. A 1000MW of solar thermal power stations need to invest 20~25 billion US dollars, 1kW investment of us $ 2000~2500 on average. Therefore, only small scale should be used for special occasions, and large-scale use is not economically viable, still cannot compete with conventional thermal power stations or nuclear power plants.