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Analysis Of Common Electric Car Batteries On The Market: Lithium Batteries/lead-acid Batteries
Jul 22, 2016

Electric vehicles are battery-driven, but many types of batteries. At present, the most common lead-acid batteries on the market is expected in the field of electric vehicle usage is more than 80%. But lithium-ion batteries in some areas also has a large proportion of prohibited effect, Guangdong electric companies have started their transformation, lithium is committed to the production and development of the tramway.

One, lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries known as sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery, the advantage of low price, high capacity, technology is more mature. Battery manufacturers in recent years especially through the reform process, optimization, as well as the charging progress, made the breakthrough battery performance and battery life has greatly improved. Lead-acid battery is the main power source electric car currently on the market – except for faults is the weight of lead-acid battery is slightly heavier.

Second, lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries, is a kind of a lithium metal or lithium alloy anode material for battery, the use of non-electrolyte solution. The advantages of lithium-ion batteries are small, lightweight, relative to conventional lead-acid batteries more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Lightweight and durable lithium-ion batteries, making electric cars more elegant, lighter, very suitable for the elderly and women. Internal lithium-ion battery technology bottlenecks, the production of battery safety flaws. Continuous incidents of exploding lithium-ion batteries in the near future for people to keep a wary eye on this. It is said that the lithium battery industry-intensive areas such as Guangdong have been developing waterproof explosion-proof lithium battery, looked forward to the early launch. In addition, lithium-battery lead acid battery, its price is slightly higher, led to some price-sensitive consumers at arm's length.