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Haian County Waste Lead Acid Battery Special
Jul 22, 2016

"Dispose of spent lead-acid batteries are also illegal. "Recently, haian County Environmental Protection Bureau called the County's 47 class one or two car repair and maintenance enterprises and 4S shop owners to convene a meeting, deployment of county-wide rectification of waste lead acid batteries, the Assistant to the district town of environmental protection, environmental protection attended the meeting.

Waste lead acid accumulator does great harm to the environment. Last year, Dong Zhen an a dumping of wastewater cleaning battery, was fined 100,000 yuan fine by County Environmental Protection Department.

To strengthen the supervision of waste lead-acid batteries environment, eliminate environmental risks, haian County from July, 4 months to research the County within one or two kind of enterprises of vehicle maintenance and the related environmental laws and regulations implementation of waste oil, waste lead-acid batteries and production, flow, disposal and other relevant circumstances whether registration is handed over to a qualified disposal.

Haian County in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations cracking down on unlicensed and illegal collection, storage, use, disposal of waste lead-acid batteries of illegal business activities. All automotive repair one or two companies have strict implementation of the construction project environmental impact assessment system, strict implementation of the relevant system, in strict compliance with laws and regulations related to environmental protection.