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Hunan River Metallurgical Scrap Lead-acid Battery Breaking Equipment Out Of The Country
Jul 22, 2016

Recently, Jiang Ye, Hunan electrical technology Corporation developed "broken separation equipment for waste lead-acid batteries" are Middle Eastern countries--Iran for integrated installation, debugging. The sets of equipment for the recycling of used lead-acid battery equipment, personalized according to customer requirements and design, equipped with automatic control, a full set of technical parameters of the device are displayed on the control screens, and has a production site monitoring, real-time monitoring of every aspect of production. In order to save labor, Jiang Ye improved the operation of electrical equipment, improved equipment only one person to operate the computer, normal operation of all the equipment security, only 3~5 people in the whole production process, greatly simplifying the processes, reducing human consumption. At present, Jiang Ye, Hunan main products are cleaner recycling system for waste battery technology and integration of equipment purification of heavy metals, lead, gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization equipment, processing and low temperature precipitation crystallization full automatic production lines, lead, lead alloys technology equipment, reclamation, sponge lead ingots of lead cathode plate production line units. Present research and development of cleaner recycling system for waste battery technology and integrated device have been successfully on the market, became the first crack of maintenance-free battery equipment, received wide acclaim from customers at home and abroad.