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Lead-acid Battery New Battery Help To Increase Solar Energy Storage
Jul 22, 2016

United Kingdom and REAPsystems collaborative research at the University of Southampton found that a new type of lithium-ion batteries, PV systems as energy storage devices, energy efficiency can be increased to 95%, can significantly reduce the cost of solar power.

At present, most of the photovoltaic system also used lead-acid batteries as storage devices, but in comparison, lithium iron phosphate battery replacement can give full play to its advantages, including improved energy efficiency, extended service life, lower unit costs, and so on. This type of lithium battery used for energy storage devices, to increase the energy efficiency of 95%, far exceeding the traditional lead-acid battery for 80%, and has 1600 times charge and discharge life.

The project is sponsored by REAPsystems, Yue Wu by MSc sustainable energy Academy students (YueWu) and his Manager, Dr CarlosPoncedeLeon, Professor TomMarkvart, JohnLow Dr. The project specially study used lithium-ion battery as energy storage device for photovoltaic systems.

Yue Wu students said, "is the traditional lead-acid batteries used in most PV system energy storage devices. However, as energy storage devices, lithium batteries, especially using LiFePO4 batteries, with more favourable characteristics. ”

The collection of these data, you need to connect the lithium iron phosphate battery (lithiumironphosphatebattery) and photovoltaic systems, solar PV system installation on top of a building at the University, using specially designed battery management system provided by REAPsystems.