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Recycling Of Waste Lead-acid Batteries Trapped Grey Chain
Jul 22, 2016

China seriously low recycling rate of lead, lead in share of total less than 40%, far below the 70% of the Western developed countries. Establish a sound network system of recycling of waste lead-acid batteries, it is imperative to develop secondary lead industry.

Scrap lead-acid batteries in a State of disorder management, rooted in the interests of this recovery, like driving and the lack of supervision system.

Secondary lead the development of the difficulties is poor access to recycling of waste lead-acid batteries, secondary lead system has been in a "hunger".

Regardless of whether the waste lead acid battery damage, improper disposal or flow regulation is not in place, will become a source of environmental pollution. To be tightly regulated as hazardous waste technical specification.

Recycling disorder is important problem affecting the recycling of used lead acid batteries. Recycling channel chaos, the professional traders to bid up the price, not only makes the recovery process on the environment pollution and significant resources into illegal production, raw material procurement difficulties faced by regular secondary lead business.

Recycle chaos is rooted in interests and lack of regulatory systems. Upstream of waste lead-acid batteries, battery manufacturers have access to specifications and supervision lead recycling and raw materials enterprises have access, regulation and oversight but free storage of scrap lead-acid battery collection links outside of the system, in a State of disorder management.