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The First Graphene Application Technology Of Lead-acid Batteries
Jul 22, 2016

On April 9, the first Graphene technology applied to the lead-acid battery business of Shanghai Hai Bao special power to the public, the company produced black gold treasure King lead-acid batteries compared with other similar products, not only to extend the service life and capacity up to 10%.

Shanghai special power supply limited formerly known as Shanghai 71 battery factory set up 60 of the last century, Shanghai Hai Bao Special Co, Ltd was founded in 1993, the company is China's first electric vehicle battery research and development company that developed China's first electric car of the same year and the first electric car batteries-"haibao" battery, by 2012 production base relocated to Rudong County in Jiangsu Province.

Japan Ning Guoqing Professor of Nagoya University, and in 2008 he began a study of Graphene 2011 and sea company to develop applications of Graphene in lead-acid batteries, 5 national invention patent has been made, the eight core advanced technology has broken the long technology bottlenecks in industry. Currently design and development of black gold treasure King lead-acid battery has been tested, its service life and low temperature performance, and high discharge current are in the leading level.