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Why Electric Sweeper To Use Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery
Jul 22, 2016

Electric Sweeper domestic manufacturers are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries both batteries as a power source, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are mainly used in lead-acid batteries.

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, as its name suggests the biggest feature is the "maintenance-free". It also has a vibration-proof, high temperature characteristics, small size, low self-discharge, with high performance and long life, pollution-free, maintenance-free, safe and reliable performance. Compared with traditional batteries, maintenance-free lead acid battery of capacitors can be used in ambient temperatures of-30 ℃ ~ + 60℃ working also with high discharge current, low internal resistance, long life and other advantages, meet the electric Sweeper needs. Due to from maintenance lead acid battery used lead calcium alloy gate frame, charging Shi produced of water decomposition volume less, water evaporation low, plus shell used sealed structure, release out of sulfuric acid gas also rarely, so it and traditional battery compared, has not needed added any liquid, on wiring pile head, and wire corrosion less, anti-had charging capacity strong, up moving current big, power store time long, advantages.